jimages multimedia was set up to handle a number of services related to multimedia including illustration, design, production artwork, consulting, training and programming. Even though we use a computer for most of our work, we haven't abandoned our trusty pens and brushes. Check out our portfolio to see what we mean.

We maintain affiliations with a number of vendors and service professionals which helps us provide the best solutions for the client.

We started using Macintosh computers in 1986 beginning with PageMaker 1.0, a Mac Plus and a Laserwriter. Since then we have used virtually every make and model of Macintosh in one setting or another along with hundreds of different pieces of software. And just because we are pretty much Macintosh based, it doesn't mean we can't play in the Windows sandbox.

We can be reached at 1-902-237-0670

jimages multimedia
16 First Street
Sackville, Nova Scotia
B4E 1W8

James Somers is a computer based illustrator and graphic designer who spends far too much time with his many Macintosh computers and his new favorite toy, a midi piano keyboard, for his own good. He teaches, writes, draws, reads, does graphic design, builds scale models, creates things from wood, tweeks out that last bit of life out of TV/Stereo/DVD/VCR electronics, and somewhere finds time to cook fancy stuff for his family and friends.

If you want, you can send him some mail. He loves that.